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Moon Over Lake Gregory (Day 18/365)

I didn’t know what the message meant, but when I told the nice man at the Apple Store in San Diego that my computer had warned me that my start-up disc was nearly full, he said that meant I had no more room on my hard drive. I bought an external hard drive then, but when I went to install it, there was a strange message saying I couldn’t use it in DOS. Well, I didn’t want to use it in DOS.

I couldn’t get the hard drive installed right, and decided I would have to call someone to help me. In the mean time, last night, in order to make room on my drive, I began discarding files including some pictures that seemed dispensable as they were similar to others I had. I spent a couple of hours doing that, then loaded on pictures I had taken yesterday. As I worked on them, my computer “froze,” then went to a black screen.

My heart sank, and through the night as I awoke, I thought of the probability that my hard drive had crashed, and that those pictures I didn’t have backed up might be gone! Not so! Down to the Apple store we went today, computer booted up with a beautiful blue screen, the wonderful technician used his drive to start my entire IPhoto Library loading into my external hard drive. It took hours; Jerry and I left the store to run errands and have lunch, then my phone rang and the Apple People said, “Your computer is ready.”

The only files that were lost were the four or five I was working on at the moment the computer failed. I had planned to post one of them for my 18/365. But…I have one that was not lost. It’s very poor, but I did take the picture yesterday, January 18, 2011.


One response

  1. Well…I for one, like this photo a lot. 🙂

    Whew! What a scary story and close call.
    That’s it! I’m asking my son to help ME do a back up. I always fear loosing my photos, so I must do something about it.

    January 20, 2011 at 9:55 am

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