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Ontario Convention Center (Day 41/365)

The Doubletree Hotel in Ontario is where I’ve spent the last few days, and because they charge 12 or 14 dollars a day for the internet, and because I don’t want to pay that 🙂 I have not posted for three days. Now although I did not post this picture on the 41st day of my 365 project, be assured I did take the picture on that day…in fact I took dozens. On Thursday afternoon after I checked in and had settled in my room, I grabbed up my camera, made sure I had my hotel room key and headed out to prowl about. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and summery. Just down the street is the Ontario Convention Center, a stately structure that from many different angles I photographed. I’m sharing one of the shots with you.

My reason for being at the Doubletree was to attend the Southern California Ladies Conference, which in the next day or so, I will be writing extensively about on my regular blog.

Tiny preview: It was a staggering event.



One response

  1. Ha! You sound just like me! 😀
    I’m late with my 365 project too, but I DID take the photos on THOSE days! The rules we’ve set for ourselves with this project…we keep! Lol!

    Also…you sound just like me when you said, you grabbed up your camera and headed out to look for photo opps. I do the same thing. It feels good to know someone else thinks like me. Love it! And love you! 🙂

    February 13, 2011 at 11:55 am

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