Things I've Been Seeing

Lemon Pie (Day 47/365)

The lemon pie came about in this way. Back in the early days of January when we had that big snow storm Jerry had been really sick, so our neighbor Ken came over, and, using our snow blower, cleared off our long driveway. Ken is a wonderful man, and he and Jerry get along really well together. Jerry told Ken I would make him a lemon pie–Ken’s favorite. Well, I didn’t get it made before Ken and Nancy went on vacation, so today, when the snow didn’t arrive when it was supposed to, hindering me from having snow pictures to post as I had planned, and there were fresh lemons in the kitchen, I decided to take on the pie. Well, actually on two. One for Ken. One for Jerry. Uhmmm…to be truthful, probably part of it is for me. 🙂


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