Things I've Been Seeing

Strange Sign (Day 65/365)

After church on Sunday we went out to eat with Brother and Sister O’Keefe and another couple. As I started to enter the restaurant–a well-known chain–I noticed the sign you see here. “What does that mean?” I wondered, so I went to the hostess desk and asked the girl there. “What does that sign out there mean?”

“It means we sell gift cards to our restaurant.” She smiled, really friendly.

“You walk out there to sell the cards?” I persisted in knowing.

She was looking a little sheepish now, but nodded and said, “Yes, if someone rings that bell we go out there and sell them a gift card.”

Suddenly she burst out laughing. “I don’t have a clue why that sign is out there. I’m not management, and I know it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

“Anyone ever ring the bell?”

“I’ve never heard it, never seen anyone buy a gift card in that way.”

It was hilarious. After our meal, she opened the door for us as we left, and she was still laughing. Strange sign.


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