Things I've Been Seeing

Runaway Dogs (Day 173/365)

As I drove along a dirt road beside the golf course here in Safford today, I saw these two dogs running about within the confines of the course. I could tell they were having a good-ole time, and when they did not appear to be connected to any human, I figured they were runaways. I watched them for a good 15 or 20 minutes as they frolicked and played. I think they had taken a dip in one of the small lakes on the course, for their coats were wet. They both wore tags. I love this first picture. Looks as though dog number 1 is slightly frowning at me. Dog number 2 is hiding, peering through the bushes.

Once they trotted down this lane, then they changed their minds and whirled back over to the golf course. They’re probably tired tonight. Hope they found their way home.


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