Things I've Been Seeing

Pork Chop Sandwich (Day 209 /365)

DSC_8648 by Shirley Buxton
DSC_8648, a photo by Shirley Buxton on Flickr.

One day during our time in Louisiana as we were prowling around with Mike, Melina and Nathaniel, we stumbled onto a place called Black Smoke BBQ. It was fabulous. This pork chop sandwich was mine, and it looked (and tasted) so good, that Mike and Nathaniel ordered themselves one–after eating their own BBQ sandwich. Dynamo place in Mansfield, Lousiana.


One response

  1. HG

    Welcome back. I’ve missed your pictures AND your blog posts !!! Heard you post lots of neat stuff on FB, but I don’t go there. Hope you have time to update your blogs now that your travels have slowed down a bit. Miss you, can’t wait to see you. HUGS to you & Bro. B.

    August 18, 2011 at 9:17 am

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