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Photography Challenges

On the first day of the year 2011, I resolved to take a picture every day; didn’t join a particular group, just within my mind made this decision. Not long into the project I was sorry I had done so, for I came to the conclusion that my photography wasn’t being improved by this challenge. Now for someone who is not motivated to take pictures, perhaps such a venture is a good idea; however, I do not fall into that class. Rather, throughout a year’s time, I easily take many thousands of pictures and rarely do two or three days pass without me producing many photographs. But there is the occasional day when I do not, so that during last year at the end of a few such days, I was dashing about the house–snapping anything. Once, in the late fall, I believe, I was in bed reading a magazine when I came across the words PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST. Photography? No! I hadn’t touched my great Nikon that day. Jumped from the bed, whirled about, found the camera, twisted my head this way and that, and settled on something that would produce a passable shot.

But I persevered, and on December 31, 2011, I was able to say I had taken a picture every day, while at the same time saying through clenched teeth, Never again.

Now a few weeks into 2012, once again I have resolved to discipline myself and have joined a couple of 52/2012 groups. Easy. It will not be hard to take one picture a week. One of the groups is centered in a Nikon Critique Group in which I am very active, and to which I have now submitted the required two photos. The other group sets a theme for each of the 52 weeks, and I also have submitted my two photos there.


Week 1 GABRIELLE ANTOINETTE BEESO, my ninth great-grandchild.

Week 2  FOUR

This photograph has attracted a lot of attention on my Flickr site. As I post this, it has received over 300 hits and has been “Explored” there.


Week 1 My Town

Week 2 Fashion


New post on my devotional blog here.


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