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Bill Huckle and Snow

A few months ago, Jerry and I went to his 90th birthday party. His name is Bill Huckle. He is our next door neighbor and it is hard to imagine a better one. Kind, gracious, intelligent–he’s wonderful.

A couple of weeks ago, he contracted the flu which developed into pneumonia, and he spent a few days in the hospital.

Today, through my kitchen window, I watched him shovel snow. He’s amazing. Tough. Mountain people!

untitled (73 of 80)-2untitled (75 of 80)-2Once not long after we moved into our home–more than 12 years now–Bill said to us in a kind and respectful way, “I envy your faith.”

His wife died before we became neighbors, and one afternoon I had been working in our gardens and had paused to talk over the fence with Bill when he said to me, “I used to have a Shirley, too, but she left me.”

untitled (74 of 80)-2


2 responses

  1. Rebecca Hampton Barnette

    I have always loved old people because they were my best friends as a child. Mother & Daddy worked long hours & I would sit with them on their front porches & could tell them anything. They were so kind, never in a hurry for me to leave. These are precious pics of an interesting man. I pray he will desire some of “your faith” before he passes on.

    February 9, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    • Rebecca, thank you so much for visiting my photography site and for leaving a comment. I really do appreciate it. As an older person myself now, I want to be sure to take the time to listen, to be a friend, and to be pleasant. We live in such a challenging world, but I think you have hit on something important: We need to sit down, talk on porches and decks and in front yards . . . and listen. So crucial.

      Thank you again.

      February 9, 2013 at 6:22 pm

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