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Butterfly at Lake Arrowhead

As we waited to board the Lake Arrowhead Queen I spotted a magnificent butterfly.

untitled (13 of 17)

Butterflies are more easily photographed than many other insects–and certainly than birds–for they often linger on their selected flowers.

untitled (10 of 17)

Must have been lunchtime for this one.

untitled (12 of 17)

He stayed still as I walked closer to snap images of this magnificent Swallowtail butterfly.

untitled (5 of 17)

The sight was stunning: Beautiful waters of  Lake Arrowhead, vibrant summer flowers, and this lovely  butterfly swilling nectar.


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  1. Beautiful photos of the butterfly- we’re moving to Crestline from Wrightwood this month. I can hardly wait to encounter nature when I get there. Also looking forwar to many quick trips up to Lake Arrowhead. We were just there last week and it was gorgeous!

    October 3, 2013 at 11:02 am

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