Things I've Been Seeing


Leopard at the Zoo

The recent trip to the San Diego Zoo with two grandchildren included these images: ImageThe beautiful leopard may have been my favorite that day. He was tucked away behind glass and among greenery. Image

When we walked by his enclosure again a little latter, he was fast asleep.


Holiday Hawk

I saw him flying just above the ground when I looked through our deck windows, then he swooped up and perched in a far tree. I went inside, changed lenses on my camera, then walked (in my slippers) down the street to the tree where he sat on a high branch. He looked down at me. I edged closer, my eyes on the shifty ground now, and when I looked up, he was gone.

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One Fat Finch

We used to have little blue birds that would eat out of our hands, but we no longer see these around our home here in Crestline. Lots of stellar jays who are very pretty, noisy and aggressive. We also have scores of finches, and I believe maybe we can train them to eat from our hands–not sure.

This fat fella here let me get within a foot or so of him/her.

A Pair of Birds on My Mountain (Day 301/365)

The parking lot of the Crestline Chamber of Commerce overlooks Lake Gregory. I exited my Jeep, camera in hand, noting no one else was there. Late afternoon light slanted through the trees, both the spiky trees and the other ones. You would recognize them as being the round kind that children draw on papers their teachers lay out on little desks.

It had been a while since I had been there, a while since I had sat on a bench and listened, and sucked in new air, and gifted my eyes.

I sat. And heard a persistent, rather loud tapping. It seemed to come from almost directly over me. I looked. And saw.

He/She seemed oblivious of me and my camera.

As I walked toward my car preparing to leave, small birds darted about, then one settled on a limb near me. Sweet mountain blue bird. Soft. Non-assuming. I wonder if in His hand God held such a bird way back there in Eden.


Bald Eagle (Day 266/365)

At Lake Gregory, I watched this beautiful bird today. Full story here.

Mama Cat (Day 249/365)

For a couple of days now, the saga of mama cat and her kittens has been playing out here in Crestline. Started like this. Continued today in this way.

Hey, down there! (Day 207/365)

Hey, down there! by Shirley Buxton
Hey, down there!, a photo by Shirley Buxton on Flickr.

We think it is a fat, very large grasshopper that was perched on the rails of a pickup truck that was parked near our RV site here in Bella Vista, Arkansas.