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Legacy: Friday at Camp Meeting 2013

Final day of Western District Camp Meeting 2013–one of the most powerful camp meetings I have ever attended.

Morning wait in the lobby…..the Patriarch.

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Tyler Sullivan snapped a shot of Jerry and me seated with the frog near the entrance of the Santa Maria Inn.

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Prayer in the tabernacle before the morning service.

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In a very moving way, Brother Jon Mullings introduces his father who brought a dynamic message “Choice We Didn’t Know We Had Made.”

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Following another spectacular message by Brother Woodward, we shared a meal at Ming Dynasty with our grandchildren and some of our best friends, the Shoemakes and the O’Keefes.

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I believe these grandchildren have a slight understanding of how dear it is that they have the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with such great people, but it will only be in the future when they look at these pictures that they will truly comprehend the blessedness of this day.


Laughing Boys

After the shopping spree, we came to our home in Crestline. The boys pulled out the Balderdash game, and the fun was on.

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. . . ”   Proverbs 17:22

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The Trek of Three Teenagers

In the car as we drove the few minutes from our house to the lake, they talked of cars; what kind they wanted, driving permits,  insurance and repair speculations, and jobs. Their words fell strange–though welcome–on my ears, for they have been coming to see Granny and Pappy in our home here in the San Bernardino Mountains since they were babies, often spending extended periods of time with us. Talk in days gone were of alphabet building blocks, tiny sleds and boots in the winter time, and tricycles in the summer.

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I would drop them off at the lake in an area they had chosen, and when they called in the late afternoon, I would pick them up, or they might even hike the couple of miles to the house.

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I watched as they turned from me and began their trek to a spot they had in mind.

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It was symbolic–their leaving. A picture, a draft of their young lives, of their adventures, and of their futures.

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I extended my lens to see them better.

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. . . for soon they will be lost from me.

The Beauty of Youth

On Saturday, Laker introduced me to his beautiful girl friend. The sparkle in her deep brown eyes–and in his– speak to youth, to happiness, to hope . . . to life.

untitled (6 of 40)-2What a challenging world these two young people face. I wish them every blessing of God.

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Melina and Mother’s Day

It has not escaped notice that I am blessed with exceptional daughters-in-law. I own three of them; Dearrah (of Steve), Melina (of Mike), and Shawnna (of Andrew). Each of them has unique sterling qualities, and from time to time, I speak respectively of them.

Today, I want to say a few words about Melina; Melina and Mother’s Day.

Earlier in the week–might even have been last week–Mike, wanting to do something special for Mother’s Day, asked if I would like a lake/boat trip on Saturday afternoon. I loved the idea: Site Six at 1:00 was the plan. Melina would pick up fried chicken at Scotty’s.Image

Crossing the lake into the river, Melina asked for my camera, pointed it my way, and took this picture.

This is the magnificent site they chose for our picnic. The boat is large, and had to be tied a bit off the beach, so we had to wade in. The temperature hovered about 100 degrees, though  the shaded, slightly breezy area where sat our table was a perfect, cool spot.

ImageThis shot of the table is a hint of the exceptional Mother’s Day picnic Melina arranged. Included were fresh strawberries and blackberries, homemade “knock your clothes off” brownies, blueberry iced tea from hand-labeled bottles with a splash of seltzer water…and on. You get the idea.

Imagine my surprise then, on Sunday morning, when, from Melina, Mike presented me with a container filled with large, perfect roses, a hand-crafted card, and a picture Melina had taken of the snack table I had arranged during our moon-night. Exceptional. Beyond the mark.

On Sunday afternoon, I took the roses outside where against an old rock and wood wall, I snapped pictures and thought about Melina and her loving ways and how blessed I am to have her for a daughter-in-law. Take a look.

Steve, Dearrah and Blooming Agave Plant (Day 349/365)