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Bear of Hobby Lobby

When Rebecca and I visited Hobby Lobby on the Monday after Christmas, among all the Christmas things that were priced 80% off, I found this charming boy. Of course I took him home with me. How could anyone resist such a face, especially with an ear turned over in a classy jaunt. And that bowtie!

20150105-untitled (6 of 8)

20150105-untitled (8 of 8)I noted in the store that his belly seemed to have some sort of a problem, kind of leaned to one side.

20150105-untitled (4 of 8)After I settled him down at home, I saw that he also had an injury of the arm, which doesn’t look too serious, but may require surgical instruments which I have in my sewing kit.

20150105-untitled (5 of 8)I made him a bed and tilted him over, so he could more easily begin his healing process.

The other animals and miscellaneous Christmas items are now tucked away in their boxes. Not this little fella, though. I kept him out where I could watch him to see that he fully recovers. He has black, hard eyes. Sweet eyes, though, and from a table in the living room he watches me as I go about my business. From time to time I pat his soft skin.


The Reach

Of tall ships, a curious attraction resides, and when announced a parade of the regal vessels brings throngs down to the sea.

Is perhaps it so that another reach is the steadying platform? What is the attraction of beams and sails and buildings that rise into the sky? Could it a symbol of the ultimate reach of humanity: The reach of man towards God.


Coolest Dog in Crestline

Coolest dog at the Crestline Community Picnic on the 4th.

“Does he like those glasses?” I asked his owner.

She smiled. “He tolerates them.”


Chloe Marin

My beautiful granddaughter, Chloe.


From the Purple Depths

Ruffled Edge by Shirley Buxton
Ruffled Edge, a photo by Shirley Buxton on Flickr.

At one of the 99 cent stores a few weeks ago, I rescued a scrawny African violet. It was nestled down in a green plastic pot, and though it was a pitiful sight, my tender heart was willing to plunk down the 99 pennies and take the little fella home with me. I wish you could see the plant now: It is magnificent.

It’s beauty began showing.

. . . almost by the day I could see it preening . . .

. . . until it turned into this

. . . and even this morning as I gently pushed aside the leaves I can see more tiny shoots and curled buds.

It’s pretty cool. Pick up a scrawny potted plant, supply a little bit of food and the right kind of water, think of the best window to set it in, and think of its warmth, and even talk to the little fella a bit. Then by the day watch the plant flourish, set buds, new stems and wide leaves. Pretty cool.

Even better–and much more cool–is to see a person who may be a bit scrawny, may have been neglected, may have been jostled around and have set on a shelf much too long. Little attention, poor food, no one to talk too, no one to see the potential that is way down inside that plant. Find such a person, feed them–oh, not just with a hamburger or a salad, but with words of wisdom, with compliments, with challenges . . . with love.

You might be surprised . . . from the purple depths–or the black depths– most likely will emerge a work of magnificence. And hey! If you hadn’t taken that plant home, it just might have died. Probably would have.

Grand Finale 365/365 !!

Arboretum Walk (Day 364/365)