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Magnificent Bird at San Diego Zoo

untitled (87 of 104)During the month of October there are no admission charges to the San Diego Zoo for youngsters 11 years and under. On Saturday, Jerry and I loaded up Brady and Ella and we four walked about for more than five hours. During that time, we saw this glorious bird, who first showed its magnificent eyelashes to great advantage.


She/He preened.

untitled (89 of 104)And then gave us the full glamor pose.


The Reach

Of tall ships, a curious attraction resides, and when announced a parade of the regal vessels brings throngs down to the sea.

Is perhaps it so that another reach is the steadying platform? What is the attraction of beams and sails and buildings that rise into the sky? Could it a symbol of the ultimate reach of humanity: The reach of man towards God.


The Potential of Six

untitled (7 of 8)I love these acorns, which to me appear as little people with cute, notched hats atop their smooth brown faces. I love them . . . except that we have hundreds, nay thousands falling from the great oak branches overhead onto our decks, our steps, and our driveway. Jerry mutters as he sweeps . . . again.

I’m fascinated by acorns not only for their cuteness, but because of their potential . . . their message . . . their story. For within each of these is capsuled hope, adventure, a bursting forth, a new life.

An Heirloom Tomato, a Pear, and a Red Pomegranate

Captured some still life images today . . . Still . . . yet existing in a busy world. Still . . . yet speaking to form, to color, to texture, to life . . . A voice of age.ImageI bought this pomegranate because of its brilliant color and because I know there are dozens of glistening rubies hidden within this simple orb.


Heirloom tomatoes are not smooth, evenly circular, of consistent tones, nor are they predictable . . . except that their taste is exquisite.

ImageThis pear was bought in a bargain bag, and then I hesitated. Now, it is old . . . as am I.


Psalm 149:4 For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.


Legacy: Friday at Camp Meeting 2013

Final day of Western District Camp Meeting 2013–one of the most powerful camp meetings I have ever attended.

Morning wait in the lobby…..the Patriarch.

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Tyler Sullivan snapped a shot of Jerry and me seated with the frog near the entrance of the Santa Maria Inn.

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Prayer in the tabernacle before the morning service.

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In a very moving way, Brother Jon Mullings introduces his father who brought a dynamic message “Choice We Didn’t Know We Had Made.”

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Following another spectacular message by Brother Woodward, we shared a meal at Ming Dynasty with our grandchildren and some of our best friends, the Shoemakes and the O’Keefes.

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I believe these grandchildren have a slight understanding of how dear it is that they have the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with such great people, but it will only be in the future when they look at these pictures that they will truly comprehend the blessedness of this day.