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Spectacular Mystery Plant

20141004-untitled (6 of 13)I bought this plant a few months ago at the 99 cent store. It had no name placard, nor any way to identify the plant. It has flourished in a pot set in the lower part of our back yard here in Crestline, CA.

20141004-untitled (9 of 13)The pot sets in an old chair, the rust made beautiful by the fushia tendrils that end the white fronds that hang down. The leaves range from green to deep purple.20141004-untitled (7 of 13)

20141004-untitled (13 of 13)The plant is a striking one that seems very hardy, having endured much neglect this summer.

Can anyone identify this magnificent specimen?


Miniature Garden Seat (Day 272/365)

Miniature Garden Seat by Shirley Buxton
Miniature Garden Seat, a photo by Shirley Buxton on Flickr.

A few days ago, I bought several packages of flower bulbs. Within the next day or so, I will plant them here in our Crestline gardens. We are plagued with gophers who salivate at the sight and chomp down whenever they can. We try to avoid our garden becoming a gopher dining spot by planting in wire baskets or other containers.