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Bear of Hobby Lobby

When Rebecca and I visited Hobby Lobby on the Monday after Christmas, among all the Christmas things that were priced 80% off, I found this charming boy. Of course I took him home with me. How could anyone resist such a face, especially with an ear turned over in a classy jaunt. And that bowtie!

20150105-untitled (6 of 8)

20150105-untitled (8 of 8)I noted in the store that his belly seemed to have some sort of a problem, kind of leaned to one side.

20150105-untitled (4 of 8)After I settled him down at home, I saw that he also had an injury of the arm, which doesn’t look too serious, but may require surgical instruments which I have in my sewing kit.

20150105-untitled (5 of 8)I made him a bed and tilted him over, so he could more easily begin his healing process.

The other animals and miscellaneous Christmas items are now tucked away in their boxes. Not this little fella, though. I kept him out where I could watch him to see that he fully recovers. He has black, hard eyes. Sweet eyes, though, and from a table in the living room he watches me as I go about my business. From time to time I pat his soft skin.


The Snowman (Day 3/365)

I had placed him on the desk in the study along with the other Christmas things in preparation for storing them, when he began to fuss with me, saying he wanted to go outside. It had snowed all night, and was still snowing as we spoke.

“You can’t go outside,” I replied. “You’ll get ruined.” At least one of his eyes glittered and I believe I saw a smirk as he replied. “Well, I AM a snowman, aren’t I?”

Hard to argue with that given his appearance, so I picked him up, put heavy boots on my own feet, opened the glass door to the deck off the study, moved a small table over and sat him squarely down in the cold stuff. He seemed happy, and I consoled myself by agreeing with his arguments that indeed he was a snowman.

Throughout the day, it has continued to snow…and tonight…he’s still there, sitting on the back deck.

He looks a little different now, though, but I suppose he’s happy, seeing he’s in his own element.